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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9a-5p

Born in New Jersey, raised in Delaware and transplanted to Jacksonville in 2005. Attended Southeastern College in 2013 in the Clinical Massage Therapy Program. I believe that no two bodies are exactly the same, we each move a little differently, work differently, sleep, workout & function differently. Therefore, each session is different.

Music is always on in the background, always has been. I cleanse water by moonlight, use herbs for natural home remedies, and hope to never grow tired of being amazed by the moon and stars.

I have been lucky enough to not only find my best friend but spend 18 years building a life of simple joys with him by my side. Jon, I cannot thank you enough for your never ending support. I also get to be a momma to the coolest damn son & daughter, their bond fills my whole heart. Loves all the pets.

You can find me in our community volunteering for a good cause, out on the water paddle boarding or learning how the heck to fish, or maybe getting lost in nature.